-----------Business Project----------
1) Main products:
- Flower Pots
- Seed Tray
- Food/Fruit Container
- Meat/Fruit Tray
- Clamshell/Blister
2) Production Methods
- Injection Molded
- Vacuum / Pressure Forming
- Blowing Molding
3) Materials

For this particular injection molded cup with 16 ventilating holes is ideally for packing berry tomatoes, strawberries, and cherries. Since those holes can discharge moisture efficiently, our customers found this new packaging is much better than the clamshell in labour saving and innovation, they used to pack berries. The market responded very favorable to this snap packing cup either.

The volume of the cup is 300 cc. The weight is 12.5 g. The cup can be sealed by printed film or covered by the lid. We recommend to use heat-seal film which is faster and cheaper in labor. The maximum speed of the cup sealing machine is up to 4,000 pieces per hour.

Of cause, we are able to design special shaped punnet/container for you and other capacity of containers.

If you are interested in getting samples and discuss details, please feel free to contact us for more detail.
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