K.Yih Chern Corp.CO.,LTD:COMPANY HISTORY-Fruit Punnet, Planter, Food tray, Packaging Materials, ECO products

K.Yih Chern Corp. LTD, established in 1979, that are used to co-operate with international trading corporation, dedicate to research and produce variety of plastic packaging products. We mainly produce, PVC, PET, PP, PC and other plastic products that are selling very well all over the world. Our products are of exquisite quality and design with remarkable reputation.

In 1982, PVC handcraft department had been organized to produce canisters and foldaway containers. Square boxes such as curtain box, dry fruit canister, toothpick can, doll gift box, packaging can, etc. Our monthly productivity was up to 1 million pieces.

From 1985, we started to design the inner side of the gift box packaging for the Christmas glass decorations and ceramic productions in order to reduce the damage rate of goods to zero during the transportation. Within 1985-1990, we received orders for 20-30 containers per year.

In 1992, to coordinate with agricultural development, the company uses its industrial facility to produce and research all kinds of nursing trays for automatic seedling and cultivation equipment. Also the company researched all kinds of products related agricultural industry.

In 1999, supply PET, PE, PP, PC blowing molded products.

In 2004, our company, that depended on 25 years designing and producing experiences in this field started our foreign business department. We provide the plastic packaging ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services for all kinds of industry. Also, we provide customized plastic products for all kind of agricultural application. Our customers are mainly in North American, European, Middle-East countries.

Since 2007, we start to make effort on bio-degradable plastic production. We manufacture PLA packages for industrial field and supply PLA mulch film for agricultural field. Most of our orders are from Europe, Canada, and North America. And we are continuously receiving requests and purchases from worldwide buyers. Recently, we research and produce PVA material, which is a kind of plastic and has water-soluble property and therefore to be a new application in eco-friendly products.

Conclusively, K.Yih Chern Corp. LTD, as an experienced manufacturer in conventional plastic production, always notice our quality and service in making and selling. Moreover, we take our responsibility to provide new design in eco-friendly materials to help us a better life.

-----Business Project-----
1) Main products:
 - Flower Pots
 - Seed Tray
 - Food/Fruit Container
 - Meat/Fruit Tray
 - Clamshell/Blister
2) Production Methods
 - Injection Molded
 - Vacuum / Pressure Forming
 - Blowing Molding
3) Materials