K.Yih Chern Corp.CO.,LTD:WHAT IS PLA-Fruit Punnet, Planter, Food tray, Packaging Materials, ECO products

What is PLA?
  PLA is a nature-based material made 100% from corn. PLA resin starts as the carbon corn plants remove from the air during photosynthesis and store in grain starches. The starches are broken down into natural plant sugars and, through a simple process of fermentation, separation and polymerization, the carbon and other elements in these natural sugars are used to make the Polylactide (PLA).

Features of PLA:
  It's biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable.
  It will not cause any toxicity, toxic gas and environmental pollution when they are incinerated.
  It's similar to traditional plastic physical & mechanical properties without changing users' habit for plastic products and can be produced with conventional machines for plastic products.
  It has good ventilation, permeability, tensile strength and anti-static.

Certifications of Biodegradable Materials:
  The biodegradability of our materials had been measured according to standard test methods approved by International Organizations(ISO, CEN, ASTM, DIN) and the compostability is certified by the "Ok Compost" label by OWS (ORGANIC Waste System), Belgium, and "Din Certco" by Din Certco" by DIN (Deutsche Industrielle Normalische), Germany.

 - Versatile: Replaces many traditional package alternatives in a broad range of applications.
 - Clear: Great optics and high gloss provides ideal product display.
 - Strong and Durable: Protects your product appearance while guarding against spoilage.
 - Printable: Graphic imprint to present your design and message.
 - Secure: Self-seals rapidly with heat, also compatible with a wide range of adhesive technologies.
 - Superior flavor & aroma barrier: Keeps food tasting and smelling fresh. Tests provide excellent resistance to most oils and fats used in food preparation.
 - Uses 20~50% less fossil fuels compared to traditional petroleum based plastics-reducing greenhouse gases and smog in our atmosphere.
 - Reduces burden on landfill.
 - Cleaner production process and thus reduced harmful pollutants emitted into the air.

Our Applications:
 - PLA Mulch Film
 - PLA Food/Fruit Containers
 - PLA Blisters/Clamshell
 - PLA Straws
 - PLA Bags